Sun King Diamond Coating

a Diamond Innovation for Superyachts, Supercars and Private Jets

Following years of R&D, Sun King Diamonds Ltd perfected a proprietary, patented process to create Sun King® Diamond Coating.

At first, our expert craftsmen sort and process high-quality gem diamonds. These stones then are crushed into millions of crystals of precise shape and size. After cleaning and processing them, these crystals are filtered for various specific characteristics to ensure maximum refraction.

In collaboration with further technical research with AkzoNobel, we have developed specific applications of Sun King Diamond Coating.

Our coating, containing real gem diamonds, can be used, e.g. on Supercars, Superyachts, and Private Jets.

We work with the best paint applicators in the field, thus making sure each application of Sun King is bespoke. We take pride in working with established coating techniques to bring a unique and innovative product to our customers.

Sun King Diamond Coating can be used to enhance the appearance of any material and in any colour either on top of an existing livery or as part of a new coating.

The Highest Standards of Ethical and Professional Conduct

All diamonds used in the production of Sun King® Diamond Coating are certified as conflict-free.

We provide clients with the maximum supply chain transparency and guarantee the provenance of the natural diamonds we use by tracking the flow of rough diamonds from source to end customer.

Sun King Diamonds complies in full with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the requirements of the World Diamond Council to combat the trade in illegal diamonds and is a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

All staff and contractors are required to follow Sun King Diamonds’ Code of Conduct.



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