Collaborations with companies and designers

Our Sun King®Diamond Coating creates a stunning effect when used as a finishing touch for any unequalled item. Hence Sun King Diamonds works with artists or brands who share our outlook and creative vision. Collaborations include the creation of works of art or the development of unique or limited edition luxury products that benefit from the application of our diamond coating.

Comte Monte Carlo Champagne

Comte de Monte-Carlo Champagne


For the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show, Sun King Diamonds has a collaboration with Monte Carlo Lifestyle.


Monte Carlo Lifestyle is the official provider of champagne for the Monaco Yacht Show.

Comte de Monte-Carlo Champagne.


To celebrate this year's opening of the Monaco Yacht Show, we've created a limited edition of champagne bottles with our diamond coating.

We have coated one 15-litre bottle - a Nabuchodonosor - and six 6-litre bottles - Mathusalem's - in different shades of blue.

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Comte de Monte-Carlo Champagne


Vlastimil Beránek 

"The final shape of the sculpture has to be perfect. The material is only the instrument". 

and Crystal Caviar

Sun King Diamonds joined forces again with Crystal Caviar and an extraordinary artist.
The artwork - HORIZON - is finished with a bespoke deep vivid red finished with multiple layers of Sun King® Diamond Coating that is called - Monaco Sunrise ™.

Sun King Diamonds had the colour custom made for award-winning artist Vlastimil Beranek to fit his latest creation.

Watch the official release video below.


Cesare Catania

“Diamonds & Art: the Museum of the Villa Reale in Monza opens the doors to the art of Cesare Catania”


The official presentation of the 2 new works of art completely covered by DIAMONDS


An absolutely sparkling moment for the Italian artist who has just inaugurated his exhibition at the Barclays Bank headquarters in Monaco and who, for the second edition of his Retrospective, exhibits in the Museum of the Villa Reale di Monza not only the artworks but also the techniques and inspirations.

“… the diamond is already in itself a work of art. The fact of using it in combination with the colours to enhance the chromatic variations with its shine and with its diffraction seemed to me an absolutely natural choice … “so the artist explains.
The system chosen to achieve this incredible effect is a variation of the one developed by the well-known Luxembourg group Jean Boulle, which currently offers its multi-million dollar customers similar coatings on Rolls Royce, dizzying yachts and Private Jets.
The exhibition will be officially inaugurated on June 1st, the day on which the gala and charity dinner organized by the association Amitié Sans Frontières and promoted by the artist Cesare Catania and by Jean Boulle Luxury will be held in the same exhibition building.

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The Cutting E - Diamonds


The Cutting F - Diamonds



Crystal Caviar

Crystal Caviar has a passion for creating true masterpieces that no one ever before has even dreamt of. The Bohemian artists they work with are renowned for creating sculptures from crystal for superyachts and other luxury interiors. Working with Crystal Caviar and Vlastimil Beránek, we coated the sculpture “Venus” with approximately 50 million diamond crystals. The statue was presented for the first time at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018.

Find out more about Crystal Caviar here.

Check out our gallery page for Venus here.

Venus on board Oceanco's DAR during the Monaco Yacht Show


Oceanco Yachts

Oceanco is a world-class builder of custom superyachts in the 80–140 meters range.

Oceanco's "Lumen" is a 91-meter (300ft) motor yacht concept developed with American designer Adriel Rollins. As the name suggests, the defining feature of the yacht is "light."
In order to enhance the light motif, Oceanco painted its scale model of Lumen with our revolutionary Sun King Diamond Coating.

Find out more about Oceanco here.

Check out our gallery page for Lumen here.



Tecknomonster and Sun King® Diamonds have created a World’s First. It is a unique diamond-engorged attaché case for a millionaire watch collection. High-tech aerospace-grade carbon allied to carefully crafted single-block aluminium components. All hand-crafted, All pure luxury.

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CASE (8 van 8)




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