Sun King® Diamond Coating
applied over
various colour concepts
of the Sunreef 110 Power Catamaran

CAMELEON - Colour change

The Cameleon colour is a colour change special effect that gives a different colour experience depending on which angle it catches the light.
It makes for a brilliant combination with our Sun King Diamond Coating as the diamond crystals give different reflections as well.

A close up of the colours

Movie close up's of the colours

Sun King Diamond Coating -yacht grade- is an Awlgrip clear coat topcoat product with our diamond crystals mixed into.

It is applied on top of the solid or special effect base coat to give an unsurpassed depth in sparkle and colour.

This application makes for endless colour scheme possibilities!

You can have any colour, as long as it has Sun King.

For the superstructure, we opted for a base of Solid Black with a double layer of our Sun King Diamond Coating.

Due to the high contrast with our diamond crystals this colour scheme shows the diamond crystals the best.

It can be toned down by adding more regular clear.

Solid Black with a double cross layer of Sun King Diamond Coating



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