Diamondized Dutch build Keizer 42:
world's first diamond coated open sports boat:
a perfect combination of luxury and fun!

Keizer Yachts took a different approach to build this new sports yacht.
By joining forces with two world-leading companies, Vripack Architects for design & naval architecture and Bavaria Yachtbau for their unrivalled ultra-modern production facilities, they developed a modern runabout from scratch that is both good looking and practical.
In doing so, they changed the segment of open sports boats. The result is the Keizer 42.

What better way to single out this mix of leisure and luxury then to coat it with Sun King Diamond Coating?

Hence, the technician's of Akzo Nobel, the diamond experts at Sun King Diamonds got together with the enthusiastic team of Keizer Yachts and decided to coat this newcomer in diamonds. Thus creating World's first Diamond Coated yacht! Bonsink Yacht painters, also based in the Netherlands, applied our Sun King Diamond Coating meticulously.

The result was jaw-dropping.
At least, according to the captain who was in charge of steering the beauty safely from the shipyard to the open sea, through the dutch narrow waterways.
He still recalls people lining up on the shore as news travelled: "Come see! there is a ship approaching that is covered in diamonds!'

The editor in chief of 'Motorboot', Yvonne de Zwaan, has put it in words:

It’s unbelievable what colour can do for a boat. At the Cannes Yachting Festival held in September, Keizer Yachts presented two boats: an entirely white Keizer 42 and one with a dark blue hull with a varnished wood look on the rubrail and transom.

While white may, in fact, be completely in line with the latest trend, give us that blue one! We apparently have expensive taste, however, because this hull is equipped with a very exclusive coating. “There is real diamond incorporated”, says entrepreneur Siep Keizer proudly.

The paint has already been tested on cars and planes and now for the first time, it has been applied to a boat. This Keizer is the first! Microscopically small diamond particles create a wonderful effect in the Mediterranean sunlight. It is even more intense than a ‘regular’ metallic coating.

Akzo Nobel will produce the paint. We are not told the additional cost of this option, but it is available upon request. In any case, it looks beautiful. In combination with the varnished details, teak decks and white superstructure, the tender has the look and feel of a classic American sports boat.



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