Sun King Diamond Coating
applied on:
"VENUS" a sculpture by
Vlastimil Beranek & Crystal Caviar

Sun King® Diamond Coating applied on "Venus" a sculpture by Vlastimil Beranek & Crystal Caviar

Art and diamonds have had an everlasting love affair ever since man discovered the beauty of this unique gemstone. No other gem combines all the colours in the spectrum, as a diamond does.

Therefore it was only a matter of time that an artist would think of using our Sun King Diamond coating to grace a piece of art.

Sun King® Diamonds was approached by  Crystal Caviar, with the question whether it was possible to apply the diamond coating on a sculpture. The artwork they were referring to was called Venus and created by Vlastimil Beranek.

To have this unique piece coated, the sculpture was carefully wrapped and shipped to the Netherlands, where it was painted and treated with Sun King Diamond Coating in a specialised paint shop.

The result is breathtaking: a truly unique work of art, created by man and bejewelled with one of the most precious gifts of our earth offers us.

Art and diamonds, an evident and natural combination.



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